Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is ValueXpert?

ValueXpert is the latest investment software for value investors looking for an instant way to sift out companies with strong, solid fundamentals. You can filter companies based on your custom fundamental criteria and let ValueXpert pull out a list of results with seconds. After which you can analyse your results with a full suite of fundamental data provided and be updated with the latest stock news and information.

2. What other value-added features can I expect?

Along with the proprietary ValueXpert, it also comes with daily & historical stock prices, stock charts, portfolio manager & watchlist, latest stock news, alerts via app/email, fundamental data, financials & annual reports and insider trade activity. It is everything you need to invest profitably.

3. How does ValueXpert work? How do I use it?

Check out this Video demo  

4. Which stock exchanges and market data are covered by ValueXpert?

ValueXpert covers the Singapore Stock Exchange and Bursa Malaysia at the moment.

5. Do I have to install any software to my computer to use ValueXpert?

You don't have to install any software onto your computer, ValueXpert is entirely web-based. You will be given your login details to use ValueXpert once payment is processed and approved.

6. If I want to learn more about investing wisely, where can go to?

If you want to discover how you can profit consistently in the stock market and build multiple streams of passive income with your stock portfolio, you can find out more here.

7. If I have any questions or support issues, who can I look for?

You can reach us via phone or email if you have any questions or support issues. Our contact details can be found here.