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Dear friend,

You’re busy and I’m busy, so let’s get right down to it.

You invest because you want to make more money. You want to have the ability to always make the right decisions and to capitalize on mega returns from your investments.

More importantly, you don't want to lose money... nobody does.

Profits are what this is all about. Profits, especially MEGA, life-changing windfalls are what allow you to do what you really want to do with your life. Spend time with your family, take great vacations, live in a home you love, travel in style... and in a way, bring your own personal definition of what “success” means to a full-colored, three-dimensional life.

Now here's the kicker... if you want to consistently sift out investment opportunities that generate monumental returns and give you that amazing lifestyle you've always desire... this is about to get you really excited.

WARNING: If You're Not Ready To Make
"INSANE", Life-Changing Profits From The Stock Market,
Then You Shouldn't Read Any Further...

Truth be said, the only way to make crazy, life-changing returns from investing is to ONLY buy stocks of great companies at deep, discounted bargains. Then as the company grows in profit and size, so does its share price... easily doubling or tripling your investment returns along the way.

Companies Like:

  • VICOM: $2.18 (Jan 2010) - $5.00 (Feb 2013) 129% Gain
  • Dairy Farm: $6.00 (Jan 2010) - $12.60 (Feb 2013) 110% Gain
  • ARA:  $0.72 (Jan 2010) - $1.66 (Feb 2013) 130% Gain

If you bought stocks in these companies, you would have doubled your returns in just 3 years

Fact is, opportunities like these are COMMON but they are usually presented to us when we least expect it. The hectic and busy lifestyle of any average person doesn't help either... and it always seems like we need to sacrifice one thing for the other.

Then again, you know you want to be successful. You want to make more money and you know that your winning stock is just somewhere out there.

All you really need now is to sift out that opportunity when it is grossly undervalued.

The Truth About Beating The Market    

Now, imagine having the ability to sift out good, profitable companies that are growing in size, profit and strength with just a snap of your fingers...  wouldn't you be able to make better and smarter decisions to grow your portfolio?

If you think about it... where do all the investing experts get their winning investment ideas from? Why are these experts able to continually pick good stocks and grow their wealth with?

Well, truth is, they have a strict selection process they strongly abide to. From this set of selection criteria, they shortlist potential winners to study and further their research on.

More often than not, these short-listed companies are usually the ones that give them very good profits in the long run.

Now... imagine owning a tool that does just that... a tool that shortlists and shows you good, profitable companies based on one of the most reliable and accurate sources of data from the market...

Wouldn't life be a little more exciting? You bet!!

In fact, if you are serious about building wealth through investing, I have just the thing for you...

Getting Investment Ideas With Just A      
"Click of a Button"


This little tool here helps you filter out all the "noise" and slipshod companies out there, giving you ONLY the ones that are growing in size, revenue and profit.

Yes, gone are the days where you need to go through every single company listed on the stock exchange. (That's massive hard work!)

Gone are the days when you need to eavesdrop on "investment ideas". Seriously, by the time you get to hear about them, those who got in early are already cashing in on their big fat cheques... leaving you with nothing but scraps.

Now with ValueXpert, you get firsthand winning investment ideas at your finger tips. All you really need is to snap up these opportunities during the appropriate time and cash out BIG in years to come - literally building up your wealth and portfolio.

In short, having this tool not only saves you hours and hours of hard work, but it also gives you a target board of companies to look at before investing or risking your hard-earned money.

In short, I would even say that it is the ONE tool that will give you tons of investment ideas - the very seeds for growing your money.

But finding investment ideas are not all it does. In fact... 

It's Created To Make You Rich

Like I've said, we want to make ValueXpert the one tool that is essential for anyone who wants to consistently bring home the cash from the stock market. As such, we figured that sifting out profitable stocks alone ain't just gonna to cut it.

We added something else to the tool - a REAL game changer.

Don't get me wrong, having a set of stringent selection criteria for finding potential stock winners are important... but what's really KEY to winning? 

It's knowing when's the right time to buy.

I know you must be grinning right now and yes, you've guessed it, we've got that covered as well.

Knowing When To Buy The Right Stocks Is       
"Push Button Easy"

Here's what really sets this tool apart from others out there in the market today.

Besides knowing what stocks to look at, it now gives you a magic crystal ball... and with it, it'll tell you what the intrinsic value of a company is and how much the company is really worth.

In case you still don't get it, it also means that now, you can find out what the exact price a company you are looking is REALLY worth. You will know if the current share price is over or undervalued.

Winning the Stock Market Game...

has just become a lot simpler and easier...

With a single click of a button, ValueXpert gives you the intrinsic value of a stock. So if the share price is currently higher than the intrinsic value, you know it is NOT a good time to buy the stock.

BUT... should the share price fall below the intrinsic value, you'll know it's a pretty safe bet to get in and buy the stock at an undervalued price. And if the share price goes waaaaaay above its intrinsic value and becomes overvalued, it's time to consider selling.

In short, you now know WHEN is the right time to buy... and WHEN is the time to sell.

Yes... ValueXpert does EVERYTHING for you.

No more bad decisions and a lot more potential profit to bag for a long, long time to come.

Shamefully, even with that, it still falls short of what you'll get inside ValueXpert.

A Peek Into What's Inside

To put everything in perspective, here's really how having this arsenal can help you in your investments:

  • Instant Stock Filter - Easily filter out which companies are growing and making money. Profitable companies = rising stock prices = more profits for you. 'Nuff said.

    Historical Track Records - Instantly get all the essential data you need when it comes to analyzing track records of companies you are looking at. Observe past trends and how a company has been performing including their historical financial ratios... all drawn and calculated for you with just a click of a button.

    Comprehensive Charts and Reports - If you are a picture person, this neat little tool allows you to see the timeline of news and happenings surrounding a company, including announcements, share splits & insider trades. In other words, everything you need to know about a company can be found here.

    Intrinsic Value Calculator - The calculator that tells you whether a stock is over or undervalued. With this neat little tool, you'll know exactly when to buy and when to sell a particular stock. This means a heck more profit and less error on your investment decisions.

    The 'Gold' Shover -  I haven't even touched on this yet.. but nothing better describes this little function here than "profitable companies served to you on a silver (or gold) platter!" Seriously, you don't even need to do anything else. You get winning stocks listed for you instantly! That's just how powerful this is. Once you get this in your hands, you'll make so much money from investing that it becomes an addiction! So use this with caution...

    Ok! Let Me Get Access To The ValueXpert Today

    How Much It's Gonna Cost

    Let's be really frank here... because first of all, this tool here isn't free.

    The mere fact that you will be getting access to one of the most reliable sources of market data, including the ability to easily filter profitable stocks.... should already cost any average investor about $1,000 just to use this. And let's not forget that ValuXpert even has an intrinsic value calculator that gives you a benchmark if a stock is "buyable".

    Like it or not... a powerful tool such as this can't be for free.

    The good news is... ValueXpert is not going to cost you $1,000 or anything near that. Not even close.

    In fact, you can get access to EVERYTHING ValueXpert has to offer for an affordable fee of just $249/year. No hidden charges and no extra "upgrade" costs after subscribing.     

    If you think about it... that's only about $20 a month for a tool that'll double or triple your investment ROI!

    I am sure some of you probably spend more than $20 on drinks in a single weekend, let alone on this moneymaking tool that'll continually churn out profits for your investments year after year after year.

    Frankly speaking, all you need is just one good investment and the dividends will more than cover for the cost of this neat little weapon for use at your disposal.

    But before you get all excited, here's...

    A Word of CAUTION Before Getting This Tool

    No matter how good this tool is, it is NOT for everyone.

    1) If $20 a month is going to keep you from putting a decent meal on your table, then this is obviously not for you. In fact, I would strongly urge that you sought out your finances first before branching out to any investment - be it stocks, real estate or any other asset class.

    2) ValueXpert is a tool created by investors for investors. If you are a speculator and want to get rich overnight trading in the stock market, then again, this is NOT for you. As mentioned, this is a tool for investors, not for day traders.

    However, if $20 is not going to keep you and your family from going hungry, and you are someone who believes in investing, then this will be the tool that will help to grow your money consistently... 

    That is a promise.

    Time, Freedom, And Automation

    The big question is... how much is your time really worth ?

    Can you manually do the things that ValueXpert does for you automatically?

    You can. But it would probably take you hours and hours of manual fact digging and calculation to get the same information this tool can do for you in seconds. 

    Imagine the amount of time you can save and spend on more fulfilling things like spending quality time with your family and friends while this tool does all the grunt work for you. 

    If you value your time as much as I do, this really is a NO brainer.

    Now apart from the time that you'll save, the truly crazy thing is that you'll even get to find out exactly how much a company is worth, giving you the unfair advantage in the market. Nothing... and I mean nothing beats the joy of consistently winning and watching your wealth soar over the roof.

    I know because I have done this many times over.

    Dollar for dollar, this is probably the most complete investing tool made for retail investors.

    But still...

    You Want To Be Quick
    The Fee Could Go Up VERY Soon

    At this point, the fee to get full access to ValueXpert is at $249/year... but there's no guarantee that the fee will stay this low for long. This is because, we are looking to add more market data into this little tool for the benefit of all our members.

    Recently, apart from the data from the Singapore Stock Exchange, we included Bursa Malaysia data as well at no additional cost to existing ValueXpert members. But as we spend more money adding more and more stock exchange data into the tool, we might have to increase the price of the tool in the future (ie, When Indonesia data is added).

    So, if you want to save more and take full advantage of the ValueXpert, I do urge you to get it before the price goes up.

    At this point, there really isn't much I can say...

    If you scroll down, you'll see the registration box that'll allow you to register and get instant access to ValueXpert. All you need to do is to click on the happy orange "Add to Cart" button and you'll be taken to the registration page.

    Yes! I Would Like to Get Full

    12-Month Access to ValueXpert



    no reason to procrastinate any longer. The time for your investing success is now... because every minute you delay, the value of your money is being eroded by inflation.

    If you want to create that dream life you've always wanted... make more profits with less effort, you need to have this under your belt.

    I'll see you on the other side...

ValueXpert team

P.S. If you are serious about building your wealth investing in the stock market, you must have this tool! ValueXpert not only halves your research time, but also gives you the optimal share price to buy any particular stock.  Smarter and better investment decisions ultimately means more profits for you - you can't get any more real than that.

P.P.S.  Don't wait! The fee to access ValueXpert may go up any moment. By securing your access early, you will not be affected should the price jump during your membership. This is the only way to save and win more for your investments.